What drives me
to create with code?

Building and enhancing software to make people's days better is what I do. Passion for learning and improvement has always been part of me. In university, I studied operations intending to make processes for companies simpler, smoother, and more efficient. While working across diverse industries I was struck by how even small improvements in systems and processes universally made radical impacts on user happiness and satisfaction.

Between work and pursuing my own outside interests, I have seen just how much the right technology can help people every day. Now I devote my time to building those products and improving the world a little bit at a time.

My work

Here are a few of my latest projects, I invite you to explore them.

Reading Circle

A full-stack social web application for the EdTech space to encourage literacy in the classroom.
Tech: Node.js & Express backend, MongoDB with Mongoose schemas & Cloudinary file hosting. Frontend bootstrap UI with Google Books API integration.

Sparkle Face Art Preview

Sparkle Face Painting

Fun and color take charge for this local party entertainer's portfolio site.

Spectral Salon Preview

Spectral Salon

A fully responsive, beautiful, and modern website for an on trend full-service salon.

My Tech Skills

I enjoy keeping up with current and upcoming industry tools, frameworks and trends. I'm most comfortable with the MERN JavaScript stack but always happy to add a new tool to my belt!

  • Frontend - React, HTML5/CSS, Vanilla JavaScript, Bootstrap, Tailwind
  • Backend - Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose
  • and All the Rest - Agile Methodology, Scrum (CSM), Remote first team experience

I'm based in Los Angeles, CA
working in a remote team

When I'm not coding, I can be found chasing and playing with my children, reading all the books, dabbling in random spoken languages, and giving various hobbies a whirl (most recently woodworking).

I push code frequently, feel free to connect with me on GitHub: GitHub


Let's connect!

I am always open to meeting other women, Latinx, & kind people in tech. Currently accepting interesting project opportunities and gnome memes.

Email me at: barbara.rm.law@gmail.com
Or send me a quick message here: